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Squadra Coppi is a highly visible cycling presence across Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC carrying a message about healthy living and community that impacts thousands of people daily. People want to support the local businesses and Squadra Coppi can help you connect with local customers through exposure and brand equity. Please contact us for more information about sponosoring our team or one of our race events. Below are some of the benefits and relevant details about our sport.

Supporting Local Business: In addition to providing a dedicated customer base and traditional advertising on our jersey, Squadra Coppi also supports their sponsors through strong social media presence as well as old fashioned word of mouth advertising.

  • In the past year, members have bought 28 bikes at Freshbikes AND referred 30 friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers there who also bought bikes. That is about $200k/year—and that doesn’t include other equipment & repairs.
  • The team has rewarded another sponsor by arranging to end their weekly rides at the Java Shack. We estimate that members spend $10k per year there.

Year Round Exposure: Our members ride year-round in the local community and region.

  • Members ride an average of 5 times per week wearing their uniform.
  • 5 days x 52 weeks = 260 days a year x 80 mobile billboards = tremendous exposure
  • The cost/benefit ratio of sponsorship produces a higher yield of impressions compared to traditional advertising.

Access to the local cycling community: we promotes two races every year, drawing more than 300 racers to each event.

  • Pre- and post-race promotional materials reach more than 2000 members of the MABRA racing community.
  • Exposure to spectators and the host community.

Cycling in the Mid-Atlantic: we are highly active in a high growth area.

  • More than 60 sponsored local amateur bike racing clubs in the Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing AssociaAon (MABRA.)
  • There are over more than licensed racers, with participation increasing by 40% in the last five years.
  • In a typical year, there are 50 races held from Reston to Rockville, with participation averaging 300 racers per event.
  • The Mid-Atlantic region’s growth matches a national trend: USA cycling membership has grown for 7 straight years with a 5.6% increase in the past year. 66,800 racing licenses were sold naAonally. 87% are male, 13% are female.
  • The Washington, DC region ranks 6th in the nation for bicycle commuting. From 2008-2016, bike commuting grew by 200% in the area. Annual events such as bike-to-work day have grown to over 8,000 bike commuters.

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