Squadra Coppi

Vincere Insieme Program

Squadra Coppi is proud to introduce the Vincere Insieme Program.  Building upon the hard work of several veteran members of the team, the Board of Directors is officially launching this new program effective as of January 1, 2011.

Squadra Coppi's mission - as set forth on our website - is focused upon racing.  To that end, all members are encouraged to participate in mass-start races and support bike racing through volunteering for club races.  Our motto "Vincere Insieme" - Italian for "to win together" - captures our commitments to rider development and camaraderie.  

The purpose of the Vincere Insieme Program is to continue our commitment to these stated goals.  As the name suggests, the goal of the program is to increase our emphasis on "winning together" by encouraging greater race participation, more coordinated training, and more teamwork in races.  Ultimately, we hope that the program will build upon our recent successes and help to develop and retain riders as they progress.  

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